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United Societies(5)


Table of Contents

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I. Organizational Structure                                                                                                       A

II. The Purpose, Societal Court & The Grand Council                                                             1

III. The President & The Types Of Memberships                                                                     2

IV. Awards & World-Headquarters                                                                                           3


I. The World Benevolent Association

II. The Society & Center For World Advancement

III. The Society & Center For World Peace

IV. Outline Proposal

“Let Brotherly Love Continue”

Revised, 08/07/2015,
from 11/27/1999.
By Dale K. Greene

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The United Societies is a not-for-profit, benevolent and fraternal world society for human
advancement and natural peace. Its chief purpose is:

1) Unified Esprit De Corps
2) Benevolent Aspirations
3) Societal Development

The United Societies consist of the Societal Court, the Grand Council, and the
President with his or her executive officer-ships and directorships. The United
Societies is the parent organization of the World Benevolent Council, and
The grand parent organization of the Society For World Advancement and the
Society For World Peace (with both their respective centers).

The Societal Court:

The Societal Court consist of: A Chief Arbiter and six (6) Assistant Arbiters
which shall be appointed by the President of the United Societies to an
indefinite term. All appointments to the Societal Court must be confirmed by a
¾ majority of the Grand Council. The responsibility of the Societal Court is as
follows: 1) To exercise ethical authority over any and all policies and procedures
of the United Societies, the World Benevolent Council, the Society For World
Advancement and the Society For World Peace. 2) To settle any and all disputes
concerning the ethical interpretation of any and all policies and procedures made
by the United Societies. 3) To determine any and all sanctions taken by and/or
within the United Societies.

The Grand Council:

The Grand Council shall consist of: 390 Councilors, 195 Councilors from the Society
For World Advancement, and 195 Councilors from the Society For World Peace. The
responsibility of the Grand Council shall be to set policies and the budget for the
The United Societies. The members of the Grand Council shall each have no more
than four (4) five (5) year elected terms.

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The President:

A) The President shall have full executive authority
to carry out any and all policies at his or her
B) The President shall also be known as and called
the Chief Councilor.
C) The President shall be elected to a maximum of
four (4) five (5) year terms.

The Executive-Order:

A) The President
B) The Chief Executive Assistant
C) The Executive Vice-President
D) Special Situations Director
E) Special Affairs Director
F) Special Services Director
G) Societal Secretary
G1) Assistant Societal Secretary of Legationary Affairs
H) Human Interests Secretary
H1) Benevolence Director
H2) Creativity & Talent Director
J) Legal Affairs Secretary
K) Secretary-Treasurer
K1) Trust Resources Director
K2) Economic Resources Director
K3) Material Resources Director
L) Communications & Information Director
M) Motion Pictures & Television Director
N) Societal Membership Secretary
O) Human Activities Director
O1) Human Resources Director
P) Human Relations Secretary

Types of United Societies Memberships:

1) Societal Membership – Voting, Appointments, & Elected Privileges.
2) Friendship Membership – Voting, & Appointment Privileges.
3) Neighborhood Membership – Voting Privileges.

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The United Societies shall have three (3) types of societal awards for exceptional creativity
and talent. They are as follows:
1) Artistic Awards
A. Fine Art
B. Literature
C. Performing Art

2) Advancement Awards

A. Economic
B. Mathematics
C. Medicine
D. Physics
E. Chemistry
F. Agriculture

3) Peace Awards

A. Peace-Maker
B. Conflict Resolution
C. Environmental
D. Ecology

Societal Headquarters:

The United Societies shall have four (4) international main physical locations on the planet.
They are as follows:

A) The United Societies – Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
B) The World Benevolent Council – Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
C) The Society For World Advancement – Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.
D) The Society For World Peace – Geneva, Switzerland

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The World Benevolent Council is a worldwide council designed for three
purposes which make up its international mission. They are as follows:

(1) To promote benevolent cooperation between every society of people on earth for
the purpose of global unity. 2) To establish a world benevolent center
for the purposes of social goodwill. 3) To give support to both The Society For World
Advancement and The Society For World Peace.

The World Benevolent Council Executive Organizational Structure Consist Of:

A) The Executive Director
B) The Vice-Executive Director
C) Strategic Policy Director
D) Chief Administrative Director
E) Benevolent Development Director
F) Information & Communications Director
G) International Language Director
H) International Translations Director
I) Legal Affairs Director
J) Security Services Director
K) Benevolent Affairs Director
L) Benevolent Resources Director
M) Benevolent Relations Director
N) Friend Membership Director
O) Global Systems Director
P) Advancement Benevolence Director
Q) Peace Benevolence Director
R) Treasurer


Table Of Contents

Subject Page

I. Organizational Structure                                                                                                             A

II. Center Site Diagram                                                                                                                  B

III. Purpose & Executive Officer-Ship                                                                                             1

IV. Advancement Directorates & Economic Resources                                                                  2

V. International Humanitarian Assistance Foundation                                                                    3

VI. Humanitarian Assistance & Services                                                                                         6

VII. Aurora Research Foundation                                                                                                   7

VIII. Aurora University, Institute of Technology, & Academy                                                           8

IX. Innovative Advanced Technologies Corporation                                                                       9

X. Advanced Economic Development Corporation                                                                         10

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The Society for World Advancement is a not-for-profit, non-sectarian, and a non-partisan
societal benefit organization. It is designed for the betterment of all humankind. The
society is made up of worldwide offices and a world advancement center. The Executive
structure of the society consists of:

The Executive Officer-Ship:

1) The Executive Director & Governor
2) Chief Executive Assistant
3) Administrative Director & Vice-Governor
4) Legal Affairs Director
5) Organizational Management Director
6) Treasurer
7) African Advancement Director
8) Antarctican Advancement Director
9) Asian Advancement Director
10) Australian Advancement
11) European Advancement Director
12) North American Advancement Director
13) South American Advancement Director
14) Operations Director
15) Security Director
16) Public Relations Director
17) Societal Relief Director
18) Global Analysis Director
19) Neighbor Membership Director
20) Promotion & Development Director
21) Recruitment & Training Director
22) International Advancement Directors
23) National Advancement Directors
24) Regional Advancement Directors
25) District Advancement Directors
26) Area Advancement Directors
27) Societal Affairs & Child-Center Director
28) Societal Resources Director
29) Humanitarian Director
30) Research Director
31) Educational Director
32) Technology Director
33) Economic Director

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The Center For World Advancement

The Center For World Advancement has five (5) institutions, one (1) under the individual
director-ships which consist of:
A) Humanitarianism Director
B) Research Director
C) Educational Director
D) Technology Director
E) Economic Director
The five (5) institutions to these directorships are as follows:
1) The International Humanitarian Assistance Foundation
2) Aurora Research Foundation
3) Aurora University, Institute of Technology, and Academy
4) Innovative Advanced Technologies Corp.
5) Advanced Economic Development Corp.

The Society For World Advancement will sponsor every year a “Human Progress Day”,
and is headquartered at the Center For World Advancement. The Center For World
Advancement will also establish the “Museum of Human Advancement”.

Economic Resources of the Center & Society:

A) The sale of memberships
B) Private Contracts & Consulting Fees
C) Educational Tuition
D) Private Services
E) Private Investments
F) Private Grants & Endowments

Progress Lodge & Hotel:

I. Facilities
A. An one thousand (1,000) room lodge and hotel.

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Article Of Not-For-Profit Corporation

Article 1

Name of Corporation: International Humanitarian Assistance Foundation
Name of Incorporator: Dale Kevin Greene
Address of Incorporator: 42 Mariner Street, Buffalo, New York 14201
Phone: (716) 364-1901
Article 2

Time and existence of corporation shall be perpetually ongoing until such time
and date corporation is dissolved.

Article 3

The purpose shall be for the cause of humanity in that it shall, first of all
contribute to the spiritual welfare and advancement of humanity, the
mental and physical health and well-being of humankind in that there shall
be programs utilizing people on an one on one basis for exercising the
edification of the human spirit to bear and bringforth evidence that where
there is anguish and fear humankind can be comforted and where he or she
be unknowledgeable, uneducated, and underdeveloped such a person can
be instructed in the things needed for the total personification of that
person as should be performed to the ultimate credence and glory of the
Omnipotent God, and God’s creation which is humankind wholly.

Article 4

Location of the corporation shall be 42 Mariner Street, Buffalo,
New York as the principle of business.

Article 5

Agent for the corporation shall be Dale Kevin Greene, whose Address
is: 42 Mariner Street, Buffalo, New York.

Article 6

The corporation shall have three (3) persons that comprise the board of

Article 7

The corporation shall have three (3) persons that comprise the board of

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Article 8

The boards of directors and trustees shall be a joint board of the three (3)
person membership of the board of directors being the same three (3)
people that comprise the board of trustees, therefore, the three (3)
directors shall also serve as the trustees, or vice versa, out which rises
cause and provision for such boards to be later split into two (2) separate
boards with three (3) different people, or six individuals being in
membership, in lieu of the present three (3) serving, with such being
provided for by an amendment to these articles at a later date.

Article 9

Dissolution of the corporation shall be as provided by the laws of the state
New York as prescribed upon the face of written notice being presented
and, or mailed to the office of the Secretary of State, Corporations
Division, State of New York, 12209.

Article 10

Distribution of assets of the corporation upon dissolution shall be to a like
entity, or where such distribution should otherwise occur it shall be the
responsibility to cause such distribution to be promulgated in written form
with all revenue and taxation being met as prescribed by state and federal
law (s), and furthermore, such shall be pursuant to the requirements and
laws requiring all reporting of such assets to the Department of Revenue,
State of New York, and, or, the Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue
Division of the United States Government.

Article 11

Names and address of those serving on the boards of Directors and Trustees
are as follows: Dale Kevin Greene, 42 Mariner Street, Buffalo, New York

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Consent to Serve

I, Dale Kevin Greene, hereby consent to serve as agent for the corporation
with the knowledge that is shall be my responsibility to notify the office of the
Secretary of State, Corporation Division, Albany, New York 12209, of any
and all changes in the corporation, file with said office the prescribed
“Annual Report” of the status and operation of said corporation therein
notifying that office of any changes as to the purpose and existence of the
business, purpose or other matters of the corporation. Agent shall receive
and respond to all correspondence of and for the corporation, also shall
notify the State of New York in the event of his resignation, termination
and, or, quitting his post as the agent. Dale Kevin Greene hereby stipulates
and agrees to these things as promulgated heretofore.

Dale Kevin Greene

Incorporator, Dale Kevin Greene, hereby ratifies these articles on
the______________day of___________, 2015 at Buffalo, County
of Erie, State of New York.

Dale Kevin Greene

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I. Charitable Assistance

A. Charitable relief to the starving, poor and needy.
B. Skilled training programs in agriculture, technology, machinery, and construction.
C. Emergency Assistance to survivors of natural disasters.

II. Healthcare & Medical Assistance

A. To help anyone who cannot afford healthcare or medical treatment and to fully
support third world medical efforts and to assist in natural disasters.
B. To establish the Benevolent International Medical Center with the following
special hospitals or medical centers:
1. A Children’s Hospital
2. A Poison Control Center
3. A Chemo-Radiation Treatment Center
4. An Organ Transplant Center
5. An Artificial Limb Center
6. An Electronic-Neuron Center
7. A Burn Center
8. A Trauma Center
9. A Viral & Disease Treatment Center
10. A Psychiatric & Psycho-therapeutic Center

C. To provide healthcare & medical management consulting services.

III. Fine and Performing Art Assistance

A. Art grants and endowments
B. To establish the international center for art and its advancement

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I. Policy Research V. Psychological Research A. Societal Advancement Policies A. Metapsychological
B. Humanitarian Advancement Policies B. Cognitive
C. Research Advancement Policies C. Behavioral
D. Educational Advancement D. Clinical
E. Technology Advancement Policies VI. Legal Research
F. Economic Advancement Policies A. Human Rights
II. Laboratory Research B. International Law
A. Molecular C. National Laws
B. Genetic D. Juristical
C. Biological E. Doctrinal
D. Medical VII. Business Research
E. High Energy A. Entrepreneur
F. Particle B. Management
G. Astrophysical C. Marketing
H. Aerospace D. Investment
I. Oceanographical VIII. Income Resources
J. Geological A. Research Contracts
K. Agricultural B. Research Fees
L. Meteorological C. Research Grants
M. Electrical D. Research endowments
N. Electronic E. Research Services
O. Computer
P. Mechanical
Q. Chemical
R. Metallurgical
S. Architectural
T. Archaeological
U. Anthropological
V. Acoustical
W. Mathematical
X. Etc.,……..
III. Religious Research
A. Theological
B. Doctrinal
C. Textuary
IV. Philosophical Research
A. Metaphysical
B. Epistemological
C. Naturalistic

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I. University & Institute Degrees V. University & Institutional Models
A. Liberal Arts A. Oxford University
B. Fine & Performing Arts B. Cambridge University
C. Natural Sciences C. London University’s External
D. Social Sciences D. Penn State University’s Online
E. Computer Sciences World Campus
F. Engineering E. Max Planck Institute, Germany
G. Business F. MIT, U.S.A.
K. Law G. Cal-Tech, U.S.A.
L. Medical
M. Dentistry
N. Architecture
O. Mathematics
P. Theology
Q. Etc.,……
II. World Online Institute
A. Online Campus Classes
B. Online World Workshop
C. Self-Taught Programmed Studies
III. Aurora Advance Learning Academy
A. Diploma Specialties
1. Humanities
2. Philosophy
3. Literature
4. Arts
5. Music
6. Mathematics
7. Social Sciences
8. Natural Sciences
9. Computer Sciences
10. Economics
11. History
12. Business
13. Technology
14. Etc.,…….
B. Secondary Educational Levels
1. Starting at the 7th grade
2. Ending at the 12th grade plus one (1) year for college preparation
IV. Educational Assistance Programs
A. Educational Grants
B. Non-Interest Educational Loans

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I. Priorities
A. To promote technological advances for human benefit
B. To establish an advanced technology center and museum

II. Technology Innovations & Advances
A. Information Systems
1. Information systems consulting services
2. Information systems technology developers
B. Computer Development
1. Hardware development
2. Software development
C. Electronics & Nucleonics Specialist
1. Electronic development of all kinds
2. Nucleonics development of all kinds
3. Photonic developers
4. Laser developers
5. Nuclear fusion power developers
D. Aerospace Specialist
1. Astrospace development
a. Developers of impulse systems for man space & air flight
b. Developers of autonomous satellite systems
c. Developers of artificial environments for planetary & space systems
E. Chemical Development
F. Molecular & Genetic Developers
III. Technical Services
A. Consulting Services
1. International technology transfer consulting
2. Advanced technology safety consultants
B. Inventions
1. An invention development division
C. Employment Training
1. Specialized training in advance technology
D. Publications
1. A global advancement report

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I. Priorities
A. To promote fair economic practices around the world
B. To promote economic prosperity around the world
C. Establish an advance economic development center and museum

II. Consumer Services
A. Financial Services training & certifications
B. Investment Services
C. Mortgage Lending
D. Credit Services
E. Checking & Savings Services
F. Personal Lending Services
G. Accounting Services
H. Financial Employment Services

III. Commercial Services
A. Venture Capital Development

IV. Economic Development Services
A. Grant & low-interest loan assistance
B. Anti-Poverty Services
1. Basic Sustenance Charitable Services
2. Certifiable skill set Development
C. Economic Planning Services

V. Entrepreneurial Development Services
A. Business-Management Planning Assistance
B. Marketing-Sales Planning Assistance
C. Tax Assistance
D. Incubation & Fulfillment Assistance



Table Of Contents

Subject Page

I. Organizational Structure                                                                                                               A

II. Center Site Diagram                                                                                                                    B

III. Purpose & Executive Officer-Ship                                                                                               1

IV. The Center For World Peace & Material Resources                                                                   2

V. International Mediatorial Assistance Foundation                                                                         3

VI. Glacier Research Foundation                                                                                                     4

VII. Glacier University, Educational Institute, & Academy                                                                 5

VIII. The Comprehensive Peace Systems Corporation                                                                    6

IX. The Peaceful Material Development Corporation                                                                       7

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A. Purpose
The Society For World Peace is a non-profit, non-sectarian, and a nonpartisan societal
benefit organization. It is designed as a catalyst and mechanism for accomplishing
peace in human societies globally. The society is made up of worldwide offices and a
global center for world peace.

B. Organization
The organizational structure of the society consists of:
1. The Governor & Executive Director
2. The Chief Executive Assistant
3. The Vice-Governor & Administrative Director
4. The Legal Affairs Director
5. The Organizational Management Director
6. The Treasurer
7. The African Peace Director
8. The Antarctican Peace Director
9. The Asian Peace Director
10. The Australian Peace Director
11. The European Peace Director
12. The North American Peace Director
13. The South American Peace Director
14. The Operations Director
15. The Security Director
16. The Public Relations Director
17. The Societal Relief Director
18. Global Analysis Director
19. Neighbor Membership Director
20. Promotional & Development Director
21. Recruitment & Training Development Director
22a. The International Peace Directors
22b. The National Peace Directors
22c. The Regional Peace Directors
22d. The District Peace Directors
22e. The Area Peace Directors
23. The Societal Resources Director
24. The Societal Affairs & Child-Center Director
25. The International Mediatorial Director
26. The International Research Director
27. The International Educational Director
28. The International Approaches Director
29. The International Material Director

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I. The Peace Center

The peace center shall have five (5) separate organizations under the five (5) individual
peace directors: The Mediatorial Director, The Research Director, The Educational
Director, The Systems Director, and The Material Director. The organizations are as
A. International Mediatorial Foundation
B. Glacier Research Foundation
C. Glacier University, Institute, & Academy
D. Comprehensive Peace Approaches Corporation
E. Peaceful Material Development Corporation
The Center For World Peace will dedicate to peace the international museum of peace.
The Society For World Peace is headquartered at the Center For World Peace and
will sponsor once a year a world peace day.

II. Material Resources

The material resources of the society are as follows:
A) The sale of memberships
B) Educational tuition
C) Private services
D) Investments
E) Private contracts & consulting fees
F) Privates Grants & Endowments

III. Serenity Guess Lodge & Hotel

The facilities consist of:
A) A 1000 room lodge and hotel

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I. Conflict Resolution Mission

A. Emergency round table talks center
B. Re-conciliatory negotiations platform

II. Environmental Mission

A. Emergency impact talks center
B. Quality control negotiations platform

III. Emergency Medical Support

A. To help anyone who cannot afford healthcare or medical treatment and
to fully support medical efforts to the civilian victims of any and all
war zones including but not the least all victims of natural disasters
B. Establish the Serenity Memorial International Medical Center with the
following specialty hospitals or treatment centers:
1. A trauma treatment center
2. A burn treatment center
3. A toxicology treatment center & hospital
4. A psychiatric/psychotherapeutic treatment center & hospital
5. A women & children’s hospital
6. A neuron-electronic treatment center
7. A chemo-radiation treatment center
8. A disease & viral treatment center
9. An organ transplant treatment center
10. An artificial limb treatment center

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I. Policy Research
A. Global Peace
B. Cultural
C. Environmental
D. Diplomatic peace
E. Educational
F. Material peace

II. General Research
A. Theological
B. Psychological
C. Legal: Peace & Environmental
D. Sociological
E. Communications
F. Historical
G. Philosophical
H. Economical
I. Diplomatic
J. Artistic
K. Literary
L. Criminological
M. Etc…,…

III. Laboratory Research
A. Toxicological
B. Neuro-Biological
C. Genetic
D. Radio-Biological
E. Radio-Chemical
F. Chemical
G. Ecological
H. Entomological
I. Zoological
J. Botanical
K. Meteorological
L. Hydrological

IV. Income Resources
A. Research Contracts & Consulting Fees
B. Private Endowments & Grants
C. Private Services

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I. Post Secondary Educational & Graduate Degrees
A. Liberal Arts
B. Art
C. Music
D. Literature
E. Mathematics
F. Language & Linguistics
G. Communications
H. Theology
J. Law
K. Criminology
L. Social Sciences
M. Computer Sciences
N. Natural Sciences
O. Environmental Sciences
P. Engineering
Q. Medicine
R. Psychology
S. Etc…,.

II. The Institute For International & Diplomatic Studies
A. Graduate Studies
B. Academic Fellowships

III. Peace Learning Academy
A. Secondary Education
B. College Preparatory Education

IV. Educational Assistance
A. Educational Grants
B. No Interest Loans

V. Post Secondary Educational Models
A. Oxford University
B. Cambridge University
C. London University’s External Education
D. Penn State University’s Online World Campus
F. University of Michigan
G. University of California at Berkeley

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I. Priorities

A. To provide global information on every act against the peace and environmental
interests of humankind and the earth.
B. Establish an international library and art gallery devoted to all works of peace
and environmentalism.
C. Materially support all works of peace and environmentalism.
D. International peace commitments: 1. Peace-making, 2. Peace-establishing.
E. International environmental commitments: 1. Preservation, 2. Restoration.

II. Comprehensive Peace Approaches

A. A peace approaches center, utilizing communicative and technological methods to
assist in resolving disputes, and establishing languages of dialogue for reaching
peace agreements.

III. Comprehensive Environmental Approaches

A. An environmental approaches center, utilizing technological methods to assist in
preservation and restoration of ecological systems and human habitats.

IV. Publications

A. A bi-annual global peace report
B. A bi-annual global environmental report
C. Peace & environmental literature and a magazine

V. Income Resources
A. Consultant contracts & fees
B. Private grants & endowments
C. Service agreements

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I. Priorities

A. To provide a material catalyst and stage for any work of peace and environmentalism
B. Establish an environmental & peace development center
C. Promote war-free zones amongst the cities and regions worldwide
D. Assist in rebuilding in war-torn areas after all hostilities have ceased
E. Promote regional & global environmental standards
F. Assist in environmental evaluations, studies, and ecological measurements for
population growth and wilderness preservation

II. Peace Initiatives

A. Sponsor regional peace conferences
B. Assist in war relief efforts including natural disasters by providing food, sanitation,
and temporary survival tent shelters

III. Environmental Initiatives

A. Assist in environmental clean-up operations
B. Purchase land for environmental preservation and restoration purposes.

IV. Income Resources

A. Consulting contracts & fees
B. Private grants & endowments
C. Service Agreements


I. Global Benefits

A. Widow & Orphan Benefits

B. Disabled Children’s Benefits

C. Victims of Violent Crimes Benefits

D. Cancer & Terminal Illness Benefits

E. Charitable Grants & Services

F. Educational Scholarships & Loans



I. Sociocratic Benevolence

A. Any benevolent society advocating the practices of tolerance towards all peoples of

humanity providing for the freedom of expression and respect for the essential dignity

and worth of the human individual with equal opportunity for each to develop

freely to his or her total creativity and talents in a cooperative society.

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