Human Progress & Social Peace

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Let me just start by saying I’m a closet unifier and universalist. The human progress and social peace can be very simple yet extremely complicated by the malevolent will of hatred and greed in mankind’s actions. Theses actions are gross nationalism, ethnic and racial bigotry, as well as violent oppressive greed. These traits are common all over the globe but have not stop humanity from working on ways to change how we relate to each other and go forward with humankind’s desire to improve the standard of living and quality of life. At The United Societies, we focus on Benevolent human advancement and social peace, we also support the global efforts to fight poverty and prevent war.  Because The United Societies is internet based we will be available to anyone anywhere on earth, some more than others, but anyone with a mobile phone or a computer will be able to benefit their association and its alliance.

Soon there will be a world center for human advancement which will include five (5) cultural institutional interest, and those are: (1) A humanitarian assistance interest.  (2) A research laboratory think-tank interest. (3) Progressive educational interest. (4) Innovative advanced technologies interest. And not at all the least (5) Economic and financial development interest. In addition to the advancement center, there will be its twin center for social peace, with similar and very different cultural interest which also will include five (5) cultural institutional interests and those are: (1) International mediation between opposing interest. (2) A research laboratory think-tank with social and environmental interest. (3) Developmental educational interest. (4) Comprehensive peace systems with technical and environmental interest. (5) Material development with social and environmental interest. Like was stated earlier, similar but very different in focus between the two world centers for human advancement and social peace.

The cultural centers will be the few physical brick and mortar structures utilized by The United Societies and because the societies is a digitally based on the internet it will give us the ability to grow exponentially across the social and cultural world. Respecting conventional models of benevolence and fraternalism we will do everything societies has done for hundreds of years and more only digitally, timing is everything.

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