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The Society for World Advancement is a non-sectarian, and a non-partisan societal benefit organization. It is designed for the betterment of all humankind. The Society For World Advancement has five (5) individual directorships which consist of:  1) Humanitarianism, 2) Research, 3) Educational, 4) Technology, and 5) Economics.  Starting with the purpose of the society’s Humanitarianism shall be for the cause of humanity in that it shall, first of all contribute to the spiritual welfare and advancement of humanity, the mental and physical health and well being of mankind in that there shall be programs utilizing people on an one on one basis for exercising the edification of the human spirit to bear and bringforth evidence that where there is anguish and fear mankind can be comforted and where he or she be unknowledgeable, uneducated, and underdeveloped such a person can be instructed in the things needed for the total personification of that person as should be performed to the ultimate credence and glory of the Creator-God, and the Creator’s creation which is mankind wholly.

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