The World Benevolent Council

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The World Benevolent Council


The World Benevolent Council is a worldwide council designed for three purposes which make up its global

mission. They are as follows:  (1) To promote benevolent cooperation between every Geo-social people 

on earth for the purpose of global unity. 2) To establish a world benevolent center for the purposes of social 

and environmental goodwill. 3) To give support to both The Society For World (Human) Advancement and 

The Society For World (Natural) Peace. Benevolence can be defined as the desire to help someone or a 

feeling of goodwill towards others. Benevolence can also refer to an act of kindness or charity.

The World Benevolent Council


The World Benevolent Council was conceived as a support organization for the two global societies

(The Society For World Advancement and The Society For World Peace). Eventually, the idea of goodwill towards

social development and pragmatic environmentalism took hold. Then the unity of people in a benevolent and fraternal

society across the earth who just want to advance in life and/or live in peace started coming into vision. Finally to be

free individuals who have brothers and sisters who share a common bond.


The World Benevolent Council


Benevolent Nature of Capitalism:

Individual freedom—an essential feature of capitalism—is the foundation of security, in the sense both of personal

safety and of economic security. Freedom means the absence of the initiation of physical force. When one is free,

one is safe—secure—from common crime, because what one is free of or free from is precisely acts such as assault

and battery, robbery, rape, and murder, all of which represent the initiation of physical force. Even more important, of

course, is that when one is free, one is free from the initiation of physical force on the part of the government, which is

potentially far more deadly than that of any private criminal gang. (The Gestapo and the KGB, for example, with their

enslavement and murder of millions made private criminals look almost kind by comparison.)


The fact that freedom is the absence of the initiation of physical force also means that peace is a corollary of

freedom. Where there is freedom, there is peace, because there is no use of force: insofar as force is not initiated,

the use of force in defense or retaliation is not required. By George Reisman



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