Benevolent Societies

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Benevolent Societies


The United Societies like most benevolent societies is dedicated to its members and society at large!

What is BENEVOLENT SOCIETIESIn English law. Societies established and registered
under the friendly-societies act, 1875, for any charitable or benevolent purposes.
(Black’s Law Dictionary).


The video above is produced by the Australian Benevolent Society and is an excellent example of a national

benevolent society online. Combined with being on the ground for over two hundred (200) years they are taking

advantage of the advances in informatics and communications via the world-wide-web. Their goals for the next

twenty-four (24) months are worth taking note.


There are many benevolent societies around the world online these days. Most of them are traditional types of

benevolent or fraternal organizations. They are broken down into two camps, human progress, and social

stability (I like to call it “peace”). The United Societies has been conceived in the beginning of the digital

revolution and now is developing a virtual society and community. In the next decade, online societies and   

communities will accelerate their usage of the internet.


The growth for benevolent organizations can only improve and develop. The model for The United Societies is

and will continue to be internet based with its focus being on benevolent human advancement and social peace,

one society with two different cultures. The internet has become a cultural norm in western nations globally and is

also growing in all parts of the world.


The benefits of benefit societies have been social membership, mutual insurance, charitable assistance, and

community improvement or aide. They also include medical support and also have facilities especially in

The United States. It will take strong development of the internet model to see The United Societies grow into an

international presence culturally, focus on progress and peace. It will take members forming a board and developing

its affiliate web so it can have a source of revenue independent of the membership.



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