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Leadership & World Benevolence
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  Leadership & World Benevolence   Basically, benevolence means a concern for the well-being of persons other than oneself.  Benevolent leadership is defined as the process of creating a virtuous cycle of encouraging, initiating, and implementing positive change in organizations through: … Read More

United Benevolence in Advancement & Peace
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  United Benevolence   The United Societies is an internet based benevolent and fraternal free society for human advancement and natural peace. Its chief purposes are 1) Universal Esprit De Corps,  2) Benevolent Aspirations, and 3) Societal Development. The United Societies is the parent organization of the World Benevolent … Read More

The Society For World Advancement
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  The Society For World Advancement   The Society For World Advancement- was the first world society I conceived and is the basic inspiration of The United Societies (A world society for human advancement and it’s twin world society for … Read More

The Society For World Peace
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  The Society For World Peace       The Society For World Peace- Is nothing new, there has been many attempts to model and practice peace in modern society, it’s just non-government or non-religious in it’s dynamic-governance. The Society … Read More

The World Benevolent Council
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The World Benevolent Council   The World Benevolent Council is a worldwide council designed for three purposes which make up its global mission. They are as follows:  (1) To promote benevolent cooperation between every Geo-social people  on earth for the purpose … Read More

Compassionate & Friendly Societies!!!
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Compassion   Compassion motivates people to go out of their way to help physical, spiritual, or emotional hurts or pains of another. Compassion is often regarded as having an emotional aspect to it, though when based on cerebral notions such … Read More

Benevolent Human Connectivity
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    Benevolent Human Connectivity:   Benevolent Human Connectivity on the internet is changing the way we live, work, produce and consume. With such extensive reach, digital technologies cannot help but disrupt many of our existing models of business and government. … Read More

Benevolent Societies
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    Benevolent Societies   The United Societies like most benevolent societies is dedicated to its members and society at large! What is BENEVOLENT SOCIETIES? In English law. Societies established and registered under the friendly-societies act, 1875, for any charitable or benevolent purposes. Law … Read More

Blogging via WordPress
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The Human Condition
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                                    The human condition has not changed much over the last thousand years except for our progress economically and technologically which is a … Read More

Years End
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I want to take this time, years end, to say thank you for checking out what I am developing here and giving me the opportunity to share my unifying views amongst humankind and the good in it.  Not to imply … Read More

Social Benevolence
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Social Benevolence   Social Benevolence is at the core of The United Societies and is based on two acts of volition, that is the will to make human progress (advancement) and social peace (including pragmatic environmentalism). The United States and … Read More

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What you see is what you get! I’m Dale K. Greene the Originator of The United Societies specifically for human advancement and social-environmental peace. I have always seen things different from the ordinary and had visions for the world as … Read More

Free Societies
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  The term free society is used frequently by libertarian and Objectivist theorists to denote a society in which their ideal political, legal, and economic aims are in effect.[1][2] In a theoretical free society, all individuals act voluntarily, having the … Read More

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  If you had of asked 25 years ago before the internet was even developed was there even an idea of The United Societies the answer would have been yes and it began with the Society For World Advancement and … Read More

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Timing has played an ultimate role in the creation of The United Societies besides the love of God and the love of humanity. The timing of a vision is without question is essential to its outcome and future which brings … Read More

Human Progress & Social Peace
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                    DEFCON =>3 Let me just start by saying I’m a closet unifier and universalist. The human progress and social peace can be very simple yet extremely complicated by the malevolent will … Read More

Internet Membership
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By Wilgengebroed on Flickr –, CC BY 2.0, Internet Membership Esprit De Corps – Literally, the “spirit of the group”. The common spirit. The membership of the United Societies is in spirit made up of three (3) types, … Read More

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Statement from Marco Bagni Lost Conversation All-Physics Formula Marco Bagni LostConversation Vimeo Sometimes I have found that I really have had too much time on my hands. The concept above is mostly a thought exercise in imagination and intuition. I’m always expanding my … Read More

The United Societies
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    THE UNITED SOCIETIES Table of Contents Subject Page I. Organizational Structure                                                       … Read More

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                                                                          The United Societies … Read More

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The Society For World Peace is a non-profit, non-sectarian, and a non-partisan societal benefit organization. It is designed as a catalyst and mechanism for accomplishing peace in human societies globally. The society has five (5) fundamental peace directorships: 1) The Mediatorial, 2) The … Read More

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The Society for World Advancement is a non-sectarian, and a non-partisan societal benefit organization. It is designed for the betterment of all humankind. The Society For World Advancement has five (5) individual directorships which consist of:  1) Humanitarianism, 2) Research, 3) Educational, 4) … Read More

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The World Benevolent Association is a worldwide association designed for three  purposes which make up it’s international mission. They are as follows: (1) To promote benevolent cooperation between every society of people on earth for the purpose of global unity. 2) … Read More

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The United Societies is the parent organization of the World Benevolent Association and the grandparent organization of the Society For World Advancement and the Society For World Peace (with both their proposed respective centers). The United Societies shall have three … Read More

Being A Member
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As a member of the “United Societies” you will have first hand information as to what kind of advancement and peace is happening involving the societies and how it can  positively effect you! The type of internet membership benefits currently under development are: A. … Read More

In The Beginning
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This present form of the United Societies began in 1980 as just an idea on how to promote peoples interest in   advancement and peace.The concepts of uniting the advancement with peace is nothing new, just look at how statesmanship get’s played out across the planet now a days.

Promotions & Opportunities
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    The United Societies is always looking to raise funds for it’s vision and the prosperity of it’s members, find out what we are doing!

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