United Societies(5)



Section 1 – The United Societies is a benevolent free society of human advancement and natural peace.

Its chief purposes are: unified esprit de corps.,benevolent aspirations, and societal development.

Section 1.2

The completed document the United Societies is easily accessible on this website.

Section 1.3

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Section 3 – Copyright 2015

Section 3.1

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Section 4 – Use of website

The members or visitors of the United Societies website will be able to find information on the

latest issues of the societies and take advantage of the many economic and material opportunities.

Section 4.3 – Purposes for the use of the United Societies website

The United Societies may only be used for progressive and peaceful purposes.

Section 5 – Acceptable use

Section 5.1

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Section 5.2

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Section 5.3

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Section 7.1 – Limitations and exclusions of liability in the document.

Section 7.3

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Section 12 – Details

This organization shall be known as the United Societies and only the United Societies.

Section 12.1

This website the United Societies is owned and operated by Dale Kevin Greene.

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Section 12.5

The United Societies email address is https://Support@unitedsocieties.info/