Internet Membership

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Internet Membership

Esprit De Corps – Literally, the “spirit of the group”. The common spirit. The membership of the United Societies is in spirit made up of three (3) types, they are the: Societal Membership for those members who can see the vision of The United Societies, secondly is the Friend Membership for those members who honestly can call themselves both human advance-rs and peacemakers with environmental interests, and there is the Neighbor Membership for those members who are more aligned with and focused on human advancement or peace. As a member of an internet based society, for the benefit of it’s membership, resources and information, such as inter-societal chat, with video chat ready to go! Building the Societies and joining its development, and of course for those that feel its time to have an internet society for our fundamental interest in advancement and/or peace.

At the United Societies we are also putting together a few data applications for the memberships online and offline benefits development, this is where the old model of several locations even with small memberships, has been digitized to keep members in touch with each other and only meet when having private gatherings. The internet resources for the membership and guest shall also be generated through affiliate marketing associations with United Societies resources under development just for members and members only! Internet societal membership is not to new but it is still developing its own models for social and economic/material interests, the United Societies will always put the well-being and benefit of it’s membership first and shall be owner-operated by it’s membership unceasingly.

Internet Membership is here, some call it subscription, and we are still writing the rules on our basic interests on it and how we can unite them. The United Societies was organized originally with a digital vision of what kind of interests was worth developing a simple form of online unity, as it turns out the basic concept of benevolence and fraternalism is not new at all, it’s just a new medium to form our social ideas and communicate them to each other for personal or material aspirations. This is why at the United Societies we believe in a non-disclosure relationship with non-members in respect to the membership members at all times. Internet security and privacy is an fundamental focus for the membership and will be strictly pursued, and all the benevolent ideas of the members will be respected!

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