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What you see is what you get! I’m Dale K. Greene the Originator of The United Societies specifically for human advancement and social-environmental peace. I have always seen things different from the ordinary and had visions for the world as a habitable place for humankind and our biological creatures we exist with. I can be very geeky, I built this computer with another one on the way and developing two (2) websites explaining what I see as a society who’s time has come.  The idea of being united benevolently in progress and peace is nothing new but the vision of culturally and institutionally figuring out how we can globally as well as  privately focus on how we truly want to live in this revolutionary time! I was born in 1959 and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I really didn’t realize how significate of a time it was in our world and my country!

The United Societies started with a dream and vision of human progress and social peace but was mainly a childish inspiration and aspirations. Then along came the idea fraternalism, back in the nineteen-seventies my dad was a mason and in Ann Arbor, Michigan where progress was gradually being made socially, although the mason was still pretty conservative in their social views.  After moving to the Seattle, Washington area I was introduced to the Independent Order of Forresters, a semi-mason organization but more progressive in their social views of men and women as well as the differences amongst people. About that time in the eighties the full vision of the Society for World Advancement had started coming into clear perception along with its center.  This seemed good enough at the time but by the nineteen-nineties, it was clear that the Society for World Peace was coming into full vision and so was life, I got married and had a daughter, my wife couldn’t understand what was going on inside my heart or mind, the marriage ended, and I didn’t I fully comprehend where this would lead to twenty years later either!

2016 has been a great leap since I started The United Societies online December 2015, at that time it was practically a short but sweet dissertation on global development fraternally via the world wide web. Overnight it had gone from computer generated print outs or hand sketches to The United Societies with The World Benevolent Association and the complete view of the two global cultural societies with their respective centers, The Society for World Advancement, and its fraternal twin, The Society for World Peace.  The societies need others perspective with thought-provoking ideas, membership is currently free, but contact us if you would like to engage with me or others with the societies. The idea of a global democratic and a sociocratic online benevolent society for human progress and social peace is a revolution in what this medium has become, it started almost forty years ago formulating my desire for prosperity and peace.

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