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Statement from Marco Bagni Lost Conversation

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Sometimes I have found that I really have had too much time on my hands. The concept above is mostly a thought

exercise in imagination and intuition. I’m always expanding my mind to develop its spirit, this is my visual approach to

generating unified energy and quantum gravitational technology. A bit oversimplified never the less it helps me focus

on the challenges that I have come to realize is just a part of growth. There are always multiple issues and forces at

work in our lives that we must adapt to or they will frustrate, confuse, and dominate us. The idea of uniting the forces

of nature with technology has made me appreciate how very little I really understand and know. It is, however, a

profound inspiration I found in my soul to have helped organize the United Societies of Human Advancement and

Natural Peace.


Such technical details have helped develop the societies to date, which is a vision of how we will think about

ourselves for some time to come. We do live in the digital 21st century and what an awesome time on earth it is,

communication is instantaneous and information transfer has helped democratize people around the world. The

United Societies is a sociocratic organization based on creativity and the principles that all human beings have sought

for ages, nothing new but just an alternative way of looking at societies desire to make different forms of

advancement and peace necessary for its development and survival. This leads me to look forward to where

 humanity’s spirit will lead us here on earth or anywhere else for that matter! I am Dale K. Greene, Founder,

and President of The United Societies.

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