Social Benevolence

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Social Benevolence



Social Benevolence is at the core of The United Societies and is based on two acts of volition, that is the will to

make human progress (advancement) and social peace (including pragmatic environmentalism). United Societies(5)

The United States and the world seemingly live in two different universes, with only

unemployment or underemployment being the only shared concerns amongst the most serious

problems facing people. Social benevolence at The United Societies is not a static focus which

has troubled most of the many approaches on the planet to date. It’s not that all the efforts to

date by governments or the world have been half-hearted, slightly short sighted, in their focus but have

been perceiving this reality from the top down and not quite as a full dynamic sphere of the human

condition. Social benevolence like it’s cousin social conscience is greatly internalized both in the

individual and the collective human soul, however, benevolence is more measurable in the actions taken to

relieve human suffering and improving the human condition.


The benevolent metrics of the American and world societies has largely been using a 20th-century

perception of the social issues still plaguing mankind over the last hundred years, again a static focus.

This is largely a malevolent class issue between the very rich and the very poor, which has been

motivated by greed and self-interest. Altogether, the problems facing mankind will continue the way they

have been until those issues are adequately confronted and 21st-century approaches are employed not just

on a grand scale but to develop the individual, one at a time.


Social benevolence in the 21st-century is not only about how much money and material we throw at our

societal problems but how we empower individuals and societies to resolve their specific social issues

and how we can assist them to meet their goals of improvements. Below is the latest researched list of

the 10 most serious social problems and struggles facing America and the world:

Top 10 list of most contemporary and serious problems in America at the present time

    1. Health Care
    2. Education
    3. Unemployment or underemployment
    4. Environment and Climate Change
    5. Obesity
    6. Foreign Relations
    7. Illegal Immigration
    8. Equality Between Men and Women
    9. Discrimination and Racism
    10. Individual Liberty vs. Government Control

Top 10 list of most contemporary and serious problems in the world at the present time

    1. Poverty, hunger and water crisis
    2. Population growth
    3. High unemployment or underemployment
    4. Unequal distribution of financial resources
    5. War and terrorism
    6. Climatic change
    7. Spread of infectious diseases
    8. Political and social instability
    9. Refugee problems
    10. Drug abuse


One serious problem that both America and the world is not paying enough attention to yet is the

undermining of communication and by criminality on the world wide web. Certain governments in the world

have restricted political, social, and economic communication between its citizenry and have allowed

certain criminal activities to run ramped. These type of issues can only be overcome by disincentivizing

the malevolence and greed commonly practiced by certain societies or governments around the world. The

worst being the fraud against charities and the savage imageries of murder that is starting to grow on

social media.


Social benevolence is not a new concept but is totally in a new era which has the ability to

instantaneously globalize and create great social conversation worldwide. There are three major sources

of social benevolence in American and the world, they are religious, governments, and social benefit or

charity organizations. These three must work together in order solve the problems facing humanity no

matter what neighborhood on the planet you reside, people must have a way to improve their station in

life and live in peace. The challenge socially is to share the natural and human resources, for the

long-term existence of the race, what this really means is not selfless but less selfish, not putting

money before others.


Uniting the world societies in human progress and social environmental peace is a social benevolence

who’s time has arrived. Like was said above, humanity is in a new era and is just starting to realize

that how small the global community is becoming. We must exploit our human creativity, talents, and

abilities as well as the natural resources on the planet to make life more livable, less miserable. That

does not mean destroying nature but using nature for what is sustainable, preserving the rest and

hopefully much less restoring due to ignorant greed. There is no question about the stakes involve,

nuclear war or inhuman barbarism, the options are few. We are resilient creatures, the human race, a

little slow learning from the errors of our ways, never the less we are with human spirit!


The true genius of social benevolence is not in the philosophical considerations of our social conscience

but is in the individual and collective actions that are done by those who exercise the principle of

loving their neighbor as their self. Progress and peace start where we are, one household, one

neighborhood at a time, human nature is sometimes not understandable because of the ills or evils that

plague its very condition. It has been studied, however, how strong we are united than not, we seem to

function better when we are of similar hearts and minds, not fighting over ignorance and greed. The

prospect of American society or the world having a social epiphany any time soon is slim although the

internet has helped bring the subject to the forefront of conversations worldwide.


Social benevolence is not much more than kindness and good will towards your fellow man and all living

beings.  As simple as it sounds mankind has struggled with this way of life every since the dawn of

civilization and continues to act worst than animals at times.  Right now there is no unified focus on

social benevolence in the world and barely any in America, it seems there is no shortage of opinions but

very little cohesive actions.  As was mention earlier, times are changing, people are becoming more

knowledgeable and aware of the social conditions of people everywhere and are at least discussing in

conversations how they feel about the sufferings of others.

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