The Human Condition

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The human condition has not changed much over the last thousand years except for our

progress economically and technologically which is a mixed bag due to extreme poverty and

the threat of thermonuclear war on the planet. The human condition refers to anything

unique about being human, no matter the gender, race or religion of the person.

Humans, unlike other beings have a sense of curiosity, try to understand the meaning of life,

search for acceptance and gratification and understand and accept the inevitability of death.

The human condition also refers to the fact that humans, unlike any other known species,

are self-aware and reflective of the past. In the twenty-first (21st) century, there is very

little excuse for the inhumane economic oppression going on virtually on every continent and

the insane proliferation of nuclear weapons which runs the risk of being acquired and launched

by rogue nation states and/or terrorist organizations.


These I believe are the most critical issues of our times for mankind and are not going away

by wishful thinking or speculation, we must focus on human advancement and social peace

pragmatically (on the ground so to speak). Human ignorance and hatred will continue on

this planet until mankind opens up its heart and mind to the love and understanding of one

another as a whole race, no matter what neighborhood or neck of the woods we come from.

We could be asking a little much out of humanity at this time however we will destroy

ourselves and this beautiful planet we call home, planet terra (latin for earth) if we

continue down the path we have been on for the last century. The twenty-first (21’st)

century with all its remarkable advancements and concerns for our planet gives me hope that

the human race has reached its precipice in survival and can choose a path that will ensure

mankind’s existence as a living being and the preservation of our planet as a life supporting



The United Societies is deeply committed to human advancement and social peace

(including our planet’s biosphere) with the societies for world advancement and peace, and their

respective centers. I do have great hope at the end of 2016 The United Societies will be an

aspiration for all mankind and help this troubled world survive itself.

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