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United Societies(5)
Timing has played an ultimate role in the creation of The United Societies besides the love of God and the love of humanity. The timing of a vision is without question is essential to its outcome and future which brings me to the purpose of the societies, human advancement and social peace on a local scale as well as on a world level. Progress and peace starts in the home and makes it’s way out into the world with our interactions with each other and how we live. The internet has helped bring us closer together as children of God and man, notwithstanding man’s time has it’s own limitations and his ignorance towards each other with his love for war makes him a candidate for extinction. The United Societies was originated with this in mind as I looked over the human landscape and the societies that makes it a world and realize there were only basically two (2) things all societies on earth struggle with and that was human progress and social peace with it’s many divergent communities. The United Societies from inception was intended to be a digital network amongst it’s members and the world at large and almost 40 years in the making has found its home on the internet which has given it a stage to provide benevolent relations between people who support the aspirations of progress and peace.

In order to develop the brick and mortar advancement and peace centers including the benevolent association between the two (2) societies and The United Societies headquarters, internet resources have been developed for our members and guest so as to benefit the membership and provide a hub for products or services that are online which one might desire or need. Because the societies are benevolent and fraternal it has many features your traditional organizations possess but with unique purposes and goals in a relatively new medium to reach it’s members and the world at large.

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