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If you had of asked 25 years ago before the internet was even developed was there even an idea of The United Societies the answer would have been yes and it began with the Society For World Advancement and it’s center. Once that was accomplished it’s twin Society For World Peace and it’s center immediately followed shortly. Now at the time there was no web hosting or domains, so the only digital world that existed was to put everything in a dos or text form which was done by the mid nineties with an¬†organizational structure that was very traditional. At the same time the benevolent and fraternal characters was taking shape, as a member and an associate of The independent Order of Foresters, which was just starting to introduce portable computer like tools in it’s marketing operations. Speeding up to the early 2000’s the fraternal structure because of legal requirements literally took the form of a democratic government but there was not one two societies and nothing really to tie them together and make them united. So the vision of benevolence was still in the forefront of everything especially for human advancement (progress) and social peace. It was there all along, just combine the societies into a benevolent association (The World Benevolent Association) with each other and thus the societies were united.

Now 2016, The United Societies is moving completely into the digital space and is internet based. That does not mean that there is no physical location or hardware to operate from, it just means that a lot of the lodge system functions of traditional societies mostly exist in cyberspace and anything in the physical space is referred to as a center for advancement or peace. The membership will own the societies and as for the originator of it, Mr. Dale K. Greene, he will continue with the societies as permanent consultant and in a trustee relationship. The future of The United Societies is excellent and will always be about it’s membership and how it evolves as the world’s first internet based ¬†benevolent and fraternal society as well as the world’s centers for advancement and peace.

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