The Society For World Advancement

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The Society For World Advancement


The Society For World Advancement- was the first world society I conceived and is the basic inspiration of The

United Societies (A world society for human advancement and it’s twin world society for natural peace).  It is where

the focus of how to develop the ideas and organization began. It went from some scratches on a piece a paper to

floppy disk, eventually to the Windows platform and now more of a WordPress’s platform, whether in Linux or

Windows. It was intended from the beginning to be a digital network at a time when there was no internet and

barely any local area networks.


The Society For World Advancement- Is now a basic part of The United Societies along with it’s twin sister

for peace. It’s mission is all about pragmatic progress with a focus on humanitarianism, advance research,

progressive education, advance technology, with economic and financial development in it’s core cultural tenets.


The Society For World Advancement will be behind all human progress from The United Societies and with it’s

world center in the United States, it can take advantage the large cultural diversity which the nation possess, and

have different locations around the world.


The Society For World Advancement


The Society For World Advancement- centers are five within the overall center, it looks identical to it’s twin society

for world peace with some great distinctions, it’s international humanitarian center, it’s innovative advanced

technology center, and it’s advance economic and financial center. The advance research center is focus on basic

and applied research in the natural and material sciences, with a policy for progress. The progressive education

center looks for advance ways to instruct students and help them development their intuitive skill as well, again

with a policy for progress.


The Society For World Advancement- is not about peace at all, but shares the benevolence together with it’s

twin world advancement society for the common good. Progress in one form or another will always include these five

areas of primary interest whether or not there are other areas of interest. The culture of human advancement gives

way to an advance culture focused on improvement of the human condition and that’s what it’s all about. In order for

the advancement society to fulfill it’s mission it will take people of all kinds committed for the betterment of life for all



The Society For World Advancement


The Society For World Advancement- is about people and what they want to do for life and others to improve their

lives and enrich the world as a hold. You don’t have to be Einstein to make progress for the good, although if you

were that would be very cool. Advancement comes in all kinds, everything from money to the way we live in our

homes or among our neighbors. Even such a things as running water is a great leap in progress for some on our

planet. The idea of advancement is to make human survival simpler and life more comfortable, which is not a bad

thing as long as it is not taken to extremes and just greedy.


The Society For World Advancement- was created over thirty-five (35) years ago in Washington State outside of

Seattle which is and was a vision of making the world a better place to live. At the time there was no idea of an

advancement society or a world benevolent council but a burning desire to change the way progress is made

around the world. I’ve seen great progress in my time especially technologically and I do believe that we are on an

accelerated pace in certain breakthroughs, but with a lot more to do making this world a good place to live for all


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