The Society For World Peace

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The Society For World Peace




The Society For World Peace- Is nothing new, there has been many attempts to model and practice peace in

modern society, it’s just non-government or non-religious in it’s dynamic-governance. The Society For World Peace

is a benefit and fraternal society for the purpose of natural peace.  It is one of two societies of The United Societies,

having a twin sister The Society For World Advancement, the peace society is more of conflict resolution,

reconciliation, preservation, sustainability, restoration, and relief across the natural world.


The Society For World Peace- Is 30 years in the making, when there was not an internet even in existence, barely

even local area networks across the planet which people had access to, except in government and academia.

There was however a burning vision to change the models, dialogue, and practices of peace and advancement

around the world. So after finishing organization and design of The Society For World Advancement it’s twin, the

conception of The Society For World Peace took off immediately.


The Society For World Peace


The Society For World Peace- benefits under development include victims of violent crime benefit which includes

access to members in a war zone who are noncombatants at the time of a violent attack. The society for peace is

internet based with eventually having a global center and multiple locations around the world. Its global center has

five cultural centers with five areas of focus, they are, (1) peace and environmental mediation,  (2) research, (3)

education, (4) comprehensive approaches and operations, (5) emergency relief and material sustainability.


The Society For World Peace- center is comprised of five vertices locations and one (1) inner location which is it’s

world physical headquarters although internet based and globally decentralized. World peace will never truly be

centralized because every Geo-social strife and calm is all over planet earth. It is, however, a laser focus model

and practical approach to help maintain the natural peace.



The Society For World Peace


The Society For World Peace- unlike it’s twin The Society For World Advancement, is not trying to make progress

but make natural peace. People now can connect all over the planet for goodwill almost instantaneously and it does

not have to be religious and governmental oriented, just free human souls living in natural peace. Politics and

religion will always ultimately decide what type of peace is practice, although natural and social practice of peace is

equally decisive when considering the survival of humankind and our planet earth.


The Society For World Peace- is very dear to me because all my life I have seen wars all over the world and the

constant threat of thermo-nuclear war. Even if we completely fail at progress, which I don’t see that happening right

away, we can’t afford to, however, fail with peace because the cost could be very catastrophic for all life on the planet!





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