Years End

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I want to take this time, years end, to say thank you for checking out what I am developing here and

giving me the opportunity to share my unifying views amongst humankind and the good in it.  Not to imply

that I’m wearing rose colored glasses, the world can be an extremely dangerous place with an ocean of

malevolent motives the worst being the love and worship of money!  There’s nothing wrong with wanting

more out of life and prospering economically or materially, it’s just there is so much more to love and

to life than just our physical being.  Life is sacred and very short, which I have found can take a

lifetime to make purpose with a mission and neither right or wrong seems to matter in the grand scheme of

our current existence as well.  I personally feel as though I have a conscience and know loss and

struggles, but there seems to be very little efforts toward perfection, that’s probably a good thing!


This year’s end I want to also thank all the videos on youtube and a cast of bloggers or experts who

have helped me look forward to the development of The United Societies online.  Most of my time online over the

last twelve (12) months has been working on two (2) websites; and, which has

given me a deep appreciation for the operational management of websites.  I love the creative side of working on

something that I discovered in my early adulthood and has managed to be a passion of mine and something of a

wonder to the possibilities of the future.  I have built a computer, developed two websites, and started a resources

initiative to benefit the membership and the growth of the societies, not too bad!


Years end and the beginning of 2017 will slightly change in focus from web development to guess generation and

membership action, SEO will also improve so to make keeping up with the search engines more accessible and

simpler.  2017 will begin the resolve to capitalize on the web business model by completely monetizing the online

initiatives, resources, and private capitalization.


Foremost, keeping the vision of a benevolent association of The Society For World Advancement and The

Society For World Peace: The United Societies.  I personally am more of an advancer than a peacemaker,

although peace can be maintained through strength, and actions do speak louder than words.  So begins the

journey started 40 years ago and now one full year on the internet, the benevolent and fraternal interest in

advancement and peace, what an age we all live in with the power to chose our own beliefs and freely befriend

anyone, anywhere in the world.


Just after January 2017, The United Societies will seek to become more interactive, don’t forget part of the goals

are to develop advanced platforms across the digital social divide and become more resource initiative driven.  I

personally, would like to see thoughtful comments left and guess bloggers weigh in on the direction of The United

Societies for the up and coming year, be kind this is the first year after 40 years of printed idea and thought

development. Especially to hear from the clergy would pleasant in such a troubled and disturbed world, I personally

have committed the societies to my Lord and God so it’s fate is sealed!


2017 is almost here, thank you, people, on the world wide web for making 2016 an exciting year!

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